Q3. How have the divinities helped you in times of adversity and violent upheaval?

This is hard to answer, because they’ve been the cause of pretty much all of the violent upheaval in my life.  I wouldn’t call it “adversity”, but “violent upheaval” is the perfect description of my first two years of having any meaningful relationship with the gods. Things were pretty smooth sailing for me (not easy, but predictable) and everything went right along the course I expected it to, and then, suddenly, gods. WTF. This was not in my plans. This was not part of my reality. This does not happen to people like me.

But I got used to it. I had supportive and knowledgeable people in my life who could help me make sense of it. And every time I tried to stuff all this weirdness into a little box of “crazy shit I’ll pretend didn’t happen”, the gods were there, being undeniable real at me. I don’t have the “god phone” – I’m not particularly psychically sensitive – so the gods have to pretty much get out the megaphone if they want to tell me something I am not receptive to. In those two years, they did that for me. They were right there with me, guiding me through that violent upheaval, making sure I didn’t turn back. Not ever-present, but present just often enough that I couldn’t deny that something was going on.

Since then, they’ve backed off. They are there for me (in a diffuse sort of way) when I call to them, and on a small handful of occasions, they have come to me when I needed them, but in general they are not a noticeable daily presence. I’m cool with that. I know I need to bring myself into a very receptive state to feel their presence.

… I wrote more than this, about how I get comfort in times of adversity, but the internet connection went down and I lost the draft. Maybe some other time…

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