Back again, Prayer Beads

I’ve again got a temp job where I basically babysit an empty office for 13 hours straight, so it is a good time to do some writing.

Some years ago, a few Pagans interested in monasticism brainstormed what an eclectic Pagan monastic system might look like. From that the concept of the Order of the Horae. A lot of thought and prayer went into it, but it remain a fairly distant dream. None of us are in a place in our lives where we could do something with this, but it is something that a few of us continue to hold in our hearts, as our retirement plan. 

beadsOne thing that came out of the Order of the Horae project was the Pagan Book of Hours, a large collection of short daily rituals. Another was the Twelve Principles of Clarity, a set of ideals for behavior and attitude. And one small piece was a set of prayer beads, that are a recitation of those principles as well as short prayers to each of the gods that we were inspired by in this project. For the past month, I’ve been reciting those prayers every night before bed, and since I do well with having structured writing prompts, I thought I would go through, bead by bead, and write about each one.

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  1. Heather Awen

     /  January 20, 2016

    I very much like the 12 principles . Number five is the hardest for me which is exactly what Freya focuses the most on with me . Having that phrased so well is helpful. Especially for empaths who can become really involved with the emotional care of others above what’s best in general . I have to tell myself that a lot of the time I could just be getting in the way of something the person who is suffering needs to work out on their own end make the changes themselves . It’s like getting in the way of the gods putting other people first . And for me it was a survival strategy that doesn’t have any purpose today that is healthy . That’s one of the reasons I like the 12 principles because I can see that no matter what your tendency for wandering off the path would be , the 12 principles cover everything I can think of . They are very reasonable . I think they hopefully would apply to how most people live or strive to live . Also they are phrased really well for perfectionist like me who beat ourselves up for not meeting our own ideals , it’s tricky to write out principles without being too harsh and judgmental or going in the other direction end making it anything goes. I can tell a lot of prayer went into getting these worded correctly . Also they are more about values then something fixed like morals . Values are a lot more applicable to a very wide range of experiences and very diverse population .


  2. The choice of “I will” or “I will strive to” was very much intentional. The other aspect of #5 (“I will place no commitment of the heart above my commitment to my path”) is strictly pragmatic. It just goes badly. But I’ll write about that when I get to #5.



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