The Twelve Principles of Clarity

The prayerbeads have sets of three large beads (black, blue, and white) for the three Horae. Between that, they have four sets of twelve beads. The first and last of these are beads representing the Twelve Principles of Clarity.

I feel odd calling them rules, because they are hard and fast “You must X” and “You must never Y”. They are areas of life where you can focus your spiritual discipline, areas where we tend to get screwed up.

We asked for inspiration on what would be appropriate “rules” and there were twelve gods who stepped forward. I think this was the start of the “everything seems to be in twelves here”, but at some point Raven noticed that they line up with the astrological Houses.

When we were initially working on the Order of the Horae project, Raven wrote up descriptions of what each of these rules might look like for a Pagan monastic order. I’ll link to each of them as I go through each one, but I’m a little ambivalent about it. This is stuff we wrote years ago for a project that never got off the ground, not stuff that has ever seen real-life application. This was at a time when Raven had received a terminal diagnosis, and we were both doing a lot of thinking about what I was going to do with the rest of my life. Fortunately, Raven is too stubborn to die just because the doctors tell him to.

The handful of other interested people have either gone their separate ways, or, like me, put this on the back burner. Whenever I look at that site, I want to edit the hell out of it, but it is hard to even know what to say. The subject came up a few weeks ago, and I realized that I’ve got a lot of raw emotions about it, a lot of anger and despair about our “imaginary monastery”. The next day, a friend who I’d never spoken to about the project, just spontaneously started talking to me about how she found inspiration in it, and that “something like that” is her “retirement plan”. I feel like that was a message for me, that something will eventually come of this, if only a handful of us doing our little thing together. So a lot of why I am writing here is to work through some of my feelings about this.

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