About me

  • I am a pagan polytheist (a hard polytheist) but could be considered a de facto henotheist due to my strong focus on the Norse god Frey, a god of harvest, peacemaking, and abundant sexuality. I am not a religious reconstructionist, or particularly focused on Northern-Tradition practices. I’m something of a bhakti, to use the Hindu term.
  • I have been in service to Raven Kaldera for a little over ten years, as his all-purpose assistant, shamans-boy, and companion. Service is my most natural outlet for spiritual practice.
  • I am an active member of Asphodel, a local  eclectic Pagan church. It is open to people of a wide range of beliefs and concepts of deity, but the group rituals are done from a solidly polytheistic standpoint.
  • I am a recovering engineer, who took a long time to come to terms with “all this woo-woo shit”. I believe the things I believe because I could find no other reasonable explanation that was consistent with my experiences.
  • I am not a “spirit worker”. I do not routinely have vivid unmediated experiences of the gods, prophetic dreams, or any kind of clear two-way communication. I’ve had a few very powerful experiences, but it is not at all part of my day-to-day reality.
  • I live with Raven, his wife, and my “little brother” Brandon, in a semi-rural area of Massachusetts, on a small hobby farm, with a few sheep, goats, chickens, etc. and a very fuzzy white dog.

Regarding this site – the header image is by Chris Walter and the background by Crystal Calhoun, both from Deviant Art.

I can be reached at joshuatenpenny@gmail.com.

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